Smoke and Mirrors Decaf Freshly Roasted Coffee

Bold | Almond | Red Berry

Dark Roast | Colombia | Decaffeinated | EA Process

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Bold | Almond | Red Berry

Colombia | Decaffeinated | EA Process | Women Producers

'Tis the season for sweets after supper, which means you need a nice, bold cup of decaf to take the edge off. This Smoke and Mirrors is a little bit deceptive - it's so good that you'll question for a moment if it's decaf. Fear not! Get that delicious post-dinner satisfaction with none of the jitters. Rich, sweet and flavorful, it's perfect for pairing with desserts or just a bit of cream and sugar. 
This decaf coffee comes from women producers in the Huila region in Colombia, known for its complex and unique coffee production. 

Ready for a little science? Midnight Hero uses Ethyl Acetate, an occurring ester present in bananas and also as a by-product of fermented sugars. It looks like this!