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About Us

East View coffee is a local startup specialty coffee roaster, East View Coffee, with a motto to Drink Coffee, Do Good. Their mission is to roast great coffee and be a socially and environmentally conscious business at the same time. It’s a woman-owned business, serving the area with wholesale and direct-to-consumer hand-roasted specialty coffee. East View’s Powering the Good™ program is a key part of its mission and vision for the local area. It involves donating one dollar’s worth of coffee to non-profit community partners whenever a bag of coffee is sold.


Jenny, the muscle and mind behind East View Coffee Company, came to a love of coffee from a need for balance, slowness, calmness from a busy and stressful life filled to the brim with a job, family, pets, and occasionally attempting to make time for some self-care.

Learning to make a pour-over was the beginning of it all. A few minutes each morning of methodically and thoughtfully pouring coffee and exploring the vast aromas and flavors in each cup has become a keystone moment each day. The simple act of making a pour-over coffee was a new way to start each day with balance, direction, focus, and make time for what is most important. Slowing down at the start of a rushed day for a Pour-Over had a powerful impact on Jenny’s life, resulting in mental calmness, composure, and evenness, especially in difficult situations that she brought to each day.

An obsessive few years later, you find Jenny behind the coffee roaster, sampling each batch of coffee before it heads out and talking with anyone who wants to talk coffee. Who knew self-care came through coffee?

Co-Owner and coffee-roaster, Jenny Ulbricht has a diverse background from plumbing at the South Pole Station in Antarctica, to being the second woman to circumnavigate Lake Superior in a kayak, to earning an MS degree in Geoscience. Ulbricht has a passion for coffee, is an ultrarunner, and enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not behind the roaster.