Motmot Freshly Roasted Coffee

Savory | Nutty | Cocoa

Medium Roast | Nicaragua | Organic | Fair Trade | Women Produced

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Savory | Nutty | Cocoa

Nicaragua | Women Producers | Organic | Fair Trade

It's back! We're so pleased to bring Nicaraguan coffee back to you, and this time from women producers. 

Motmot is named after the stunning national bird of Nicaragua, the Turquoise-browed Motmot, or its common name, Guardabarranco (literally meaning cliff or ravine guardian). 
This is a unique cup of coffee with a snappy first sip and a savory, cocoa aftertaste. It's an incredible example of what it means to show up and support a community - both in coffee purchasing and in the involvement in co-op support for women. The farm is Tierra Madre and the coffee is produced exclusively by 125 women coffee producers in Jinotega, who receive an additional premium paid individually to them beyond the quality premium.  In Jinotega, women only have 15% of land titles - key to accessing micro-credit loans for production and other economic activities which permits a better quality life. The premium assists women in Jinotega in obtaining legal title to their land

Nicaragua has been slower to join the specialty spotlight due to economic instability, remote farm locations, and coffee-leaf rust battles, but in recent years has expressed great potential as producers have shown interest in quality varieties and experimental processing.