Midnight Hero Decaf Freshly Roasted Coffee



Midnight Hero is not your typical decaf coffee. It's a naturally- decaffeinated coffee that tastes GREAT! 

It's a rich, complex single-origin bean from Colombia that's gone through the Natural Decaffeination process, removing the 'jolt' but leaving great flavors intact. The cup will make your afternoon or after dinner without keeping you up. Sweet, complex, and fun. This coffee is grown by small farm holders in Colombia.

Cupping Notes: sweet, chocolate, graham cracker!
Roast Level: Medium +

Our current decaffeinated coffee, Midnight Hero, uses the Ethyl Acetate process. The green coffee we purchase uses Ethyl Acetate produced onsite from local sugar canes as the solvent, added and held under pressure for a few hours, and then rinsed with steam and water to remove its presence.