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Stone Fruit | Berry | Apple

Light Roast | Ethiopia

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Stone Fruit | Berry | Apple

Ethiopia | Single Farmer Project from Mrs. Tigest Wako

This is our first offering from Mrs. Tigest Wako, though she's been working exclusively with our importers as part of the Single Farmer Project for the last four years. This natural coffee is a tremendous example of what we love about Ethiopian coffees - sweet and fruity with mellow acidity. The gentle lingering sensation is pleasant and the natural processing brings a unique complexity that keeps us reaching for more.

From the experience of first opening the bag of green coffee to sipping a warm and sweet cup in the tasting room, it reminds us of sunshine - bright, gorgeous sunny coffee, one of our very favorite kinds. 

The Single Farmer Project is the result of an effort to support Ethiopian producers with a marketplace for farm-traceable coffees.

“Our goals with this project would be to help garner and develop long-term relationships between the producers we are already working with and coffee roasting companies that share in the values of transparency, traceability, and relationship that this program represents," says Claudia, green-coffee buyer for Cafe Imports.

Natural coffees are typically delivered the day they are harvested, and are first sorted for ripeness and quality before being rinsed clean of dirt. Then they are spread on raised drying beds or tables, where they will be rotated constantly throughout the course of drying. Drying can take an average of 8–25 days, depending on the weather. We find naturally processed coffees to be fruitier and more complex than their washed counterparts, with some unpredictable and delightful flavors along the way.