Bold Ascent Freshly Roasted Coffee

Roasty | Bold | Sweet

Dark Roast | Costa Rica + Guatemala

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Roasty | Bold | Sweet

Costa Rica + Guatemala

 Rich. Dark. Sweet. Satisfying. Bold Ascent is our darkest roast yet, and is a result of pushing past boundaries + some trial and error to bring to you a dark roast that accomplishes something really deep but isn't bitter or burnt. Bold Ascent is for the people who don't like specialty coffee, who say it's all too acidic, who find solace in the parched and oily dark roasts. You need good coffee too! You need ethical coffee too! 

For this blend we used coffees from our two direct trade relationships, Dos Ninas from Guatemala and Cafe Con Amor from Costa Rica. At first we thought it was an unusual pairing for a dark roast, but realized they both carried components that would bring balance and depth to an otherwise boring coffee experience. 

Take it black if you like, although this particular blend is excellent for cream-and-sugar drinkers. Enjoy this fearless climb into the darkness .