Striving for Sustainability

Packaging waste is a BIG problem (see here for more info). One way to tackle it is by creating transparency and talking about the issue. It's about progress and not perfection. Whenever possible, we use 100% recycled products -- like when we ship our coffee to you. It shouldn't be about choosing the environment or supporting our communities. We make local choices when possible to help our communities and minimize the use of fossil fuels.

On our path to becoming Carbon Neutral, we are starting by collecting data about how we operate, how much material we use, and where it comes from, and how everything is transported. Being Carbon Neutral to East View Coffee means tracking all of our actions and materials as a business and removing the same amount of carbon dioxide as we produce. We do this by financially supporting carbon-sequestering organizations and/or buying credits to balance our environmental impact. Follow along as we share our journey to be a better citizen of the world, as transparency is the heart of change!

Roasting green coffee for a greener world

Making smart decisions when it comes to the environment is what we do.  We use compostable coffee bags and support ethical and sustainable coffee purchasing practices. Making wise decisions when it comes to the environment weaves its way into all of our business decisions. 

We work exclusively with a green coffee supplier that uses innovative means to support the farms where our coffee is sourced. Using a tiered methodology for coffee buying, our supplier ensures supply chain integrity and local economic impact that will sustain coffee farms for generations to come.

Compostable Coffee Bags

Our coffee bags are made and printed by Wisconsin based company, Roastar and made from renewable plant-pulp based resources, which allows most of the bag (everything except the tie) to break easily down in healthy, active compost. Our compostable bags offer ideal protection for our roasted coffee and minimize the use of fossil fuels through their unique renewable-resource film. Although not wholly sustainable, these bags can be composted and not tossed.