WAS Fifty One Freshly Roasted Coffee

Sweet | Milk Chocolate | Smooth

Medium Roast | Mexico | Fair Trade | Organic | Women Produced | Shade Grown

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Sweet | Milk Chocolate | Smooth | Slightly Tart

Mexico | Fair Trade | Organic | Women Produced | Shade Grown

Your day is just beginning, but you take a moment for ritual and reach for a comforting cup. WAS 51 almost feels like a breakfast blend with the classic mellow balance, milk chocolate sweetness and subtle citrus tartness. 

But this is no ordinary breakfast blend.
In fact, it's no ordinary coffee at all.
The significance is in the one tiny word: Was. 
Last year this coffee was named for the 51 women farmers working to produce this coffee, but this year the number has grown to 224. WAS 51 is a testament to hard work and a love for coffee and community. 

This exceptional coffee is grown in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, the world's most diverse forest reserve, and benefits from generations of heirloom varietals grown with organic and quality focused practices. The women producers are a part of the CESMACH co-op, and have a passion for chasing that perfect cup. In addition, they contribute to their communities, using their premium to help build vegetable gardens and provide women's health services. 

Join us in continuing to support women worldwide by building access and pathways to financial stability and equality.

Comforting moments matter. Ethical choices matter. Now take another sip, there's work to be done.