Café con Amor Direct Relationship coffee from Costa Rica

Honey sweetness | Clementine | Balanced

Medium Roast | Costa Rica | Direct Trade | Woman-Producer

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Milk Chocolate | Clementine | Full Body
Costa Rica | Direct Partner | Woman-Owned Farm

Coffee with love.

Building strong relationships with our farmers is a big deal, and this coffee is our first direct-partnership coffee, which is a pretty big deal. We think that coffee is all about relationships, and the heart of this coffee is a transparent relationship with the producer, Marianella.

Marianella advocates for the Farmers Project, a group of five coffee farms (including hers) from Costa Rica. She is an outspoken advocate for improving sustainability and the well-being of those involved in coffee. One example of her awesomeness is raising money that allowed 100 rain jackets and rain boots to be purchased for the coffee pickers, she does so much, and we can't wait to see what's coming next. She said it best, but her job is to work together to build a stable platform for people to do better together!

This coffee showcases all the great reasons coffee from Costa Rica is so popular - the climate and volcanic soil produce a great cup, but especially with the care and diligence from Café con Amor. 

This coffee has a gentle complexity, sweetness, and some wild flavors from it being a honey-processed coffee. This is a clean cup with a smooth honey sweetness, citrus tones, and balanced acidity.

Curious about all the steps this coffee went through to get to you? Check out this video of the journey of this coffee, from the coffee plant to your cup.  

Honey process coffee means that the outermost layer is removed, not the sticky layer around the coffee seeds. This process uses less water and has more flavors than washed coffee, where all the sticky layer is removed.