New World Freshly Roasted Coffee

Nutty | Syrupy | Blackberry

Medium Roast | Brazil | Women-Produced

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This gorgeous coffee from Brazil feels like a giant leap forward, feet firmly planted in a new space and taking in all the wonder around us. 


Well, for a couple of reasons. First of all, while we've been really proud of the Brazilian coffees we've used in the past for our signature blends, we've never found one that really shone on its own. The coffees we've used provided a richness and nuttiness and structure to bring out the best in a blend, but on its own was just not very exciting. 
We've also never sourced a Brazil from women-producers. 
With New World, all of that has changed. 

Under the attentive care of second-generation coffee farmer Denise Aparecida Pereira, this naturally processed Brazil blew us away with the flavor and complexity while maintaining an approachable balance. We were thrilled to be able to use it as a single origin offering as well as use it to bring our signature blends to 100% coffee from women-owned farms. 

New World is how we feel, and it's also paying homage to the varietal of coffee bean, a natural cross of the Bourbon and Typica varieties and grown in Brazil since the 1950's. A nod to longstanding tradition and a joyous expectation for where coffee is headed, New World brings us closer and closer to the reality that ethical coffee can be the standard.