Dos Niñas Direct Relationship Freshly Roasted Coffee

Pecan | Molasses | Smooth

Medium Roast | Guatemala | Women-Produced

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Pecan | Molasses | Smooth

Guatemala | Women-Produced

Named for the farmer's daughters, Dos Niñas is the story of two sisters, fourth generation of farmers at Finca San Luis El Volcancito, who have worked to bring the exquisite coffee from their farm to the world. This remarkable coffee holds the history of decades of careful nurturing, planning and growing, and their commitment to coffee is evident in the cup you'll enjoy. 

This coffee leans toward the richer side of Guatemalan coffees, full of vibrant nutty notes (we're tasting pecan), the savory sweetness of molasses and is incredibly smooth. It's super balanced and enjoyable, a testament to the rich volcanic soil and the clarity of the processing that happens on-site. 

The farmers of this coffee are not only committed to their family legacy and superior coffee quality, they have also invested in the community that upholds the day-to-day work. The farm is home to 11 families, who are also the farm workers.  As part of giving back to their coffee community, they provide each family with land for their personal crop, a school for the children, and a church.  They are also in the process of building each family a cinder block house. 

We're overjoyed to partner with Dos Niñas to bring this coffee to you. You're going to love it.