Are you having fun with your coffee?

Have you heard about the three types of fun?  It’s kind of a neat way of thinking about the world and what motivates you; as far as I can tell, it originated from folks out on epic hikes, backpacking, climbing, canoeing the wilds of the world.  Stay with me here; I want to link this idea to your everyday coffee drinking because not all fun is created equal, but if we approach it with some awareness, maybe we can make fun where there wasn't any before.

Type 1 Fun

Type 1 fun is fun that’s fun while it’s happening. It can be a great meal, a nice hike, a fantastic margarita, an excellent cup of coffee, a drink-spitting on the ground laughing conversation with an old friend. It’s fun that reinforces that it’s fun as it’s happening; you don’t need to think if it’s fun -- it simply IS fun.

Type 2 fun

Type two fun is less intuitive, but it’s fun that you realize in the after.  Usually, it happens after you did something that might have been momentary miserable, hard, pointless, or simply NOT fun. These are those moments when you get carried away in something, in a good idea with great intentions that goes south. Type two fun could be a tough run, a long bike ride in the rain, or that morning workout that you nearly didn’t do. 

Type three fun

Type three fun is fun that you think will be type two fun, something that sounds cool but never materializes. Type three fun is not fun.

Is Coffee Fun?

So, here’s my question to you. When you make coffee in the morning, is it fun? Is it type 1 fun, or type 2, or type 3?

If it’s barely registering as fun, what would change it? Do you want it to be fun? 

To be continued...

November 08, 2021 — JENNY ULBRICHT

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