Espresso Blend Freshly Roasted Coffee

Rich | Spiced | Bold | Sweet

Dark Roast | Costa Rica + Sumatra + Guatemala

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Rich | Spiced | Bold | Sweet

Costa Rica, Sumatra + Guatemala

"When are you going to release an Espresso Blend?"

"Do you all have some sort of Espresso Blend?"

You've been heard. Loud and clear. We've done some experimenting and now it's here. While we love a unique and fruity or herbal espresso, we wanted to start with something that felt really classic. You'll love the familiar rich notes, the pleasantly bitter profile and deep, complex flavors of this Espresso Blend. We took our darker roasted Costa Rica and Guatemala and combined them with the earthy, spicy dark roast Sumatra to create a coffee that is excellent on home espresso to create a perfect morning shot or milk-based beverage.

Looking for a delightful, satisfying dark roast? Surprise! You get a two-for-one with this coffee. Brew it up with your drip coffee maker for a tasty morning cup.