Catalyst Freshly Roasted Coffee

Bold | Heavy | Rich

Dark Roast | Sumatra + Mexico

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Bold | Heavy | Rich

Sumatra + Mexico

Hey dark roast lover, this blend is your dream come true. Bold not burnt, thick and rich and hitting all the right notes. It's not just the flavor notes you'll love - this coffee is also Fair Trade, Organic and from Women-Owned Farms. We named it Catalyst because the women who care for this coffee and their communities are truly a catalyst for good; you can start your day with this strong and motivating blend and be a part of it too. 

The women responsible for this coffee are a subgroup from the Gayo Arabica Mahkota Indonesia Cooperative, one of the many democratically organized associations that have been forming in Sumatra in recent years. They receive a premium that they are able to reinvest in their farms and communities. 
There are 224 women smallholder farm members bringing this Mexico to life. They care deeply about their communities and about coffee, chasing that perfect cup. They also receive a premium that they are able to reinvest, which has gone toward the construction of vegetable gardens and will hopefully be invested in women's health programs as the production continues to grow. This coffee is also shade-grown in the buffer zone of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, the world's most diverse forest reserve.