Ibu Sumatra Freshly Roasted Coffee

Tobacco | Rich | Peat moss | Maple Syrup

Dark Roast | Sumatra | Woman Producer

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Tobacco | Rich | Peat moss | Maple Syrup

Sumatra | Women-Owned Farms 

Jenny affectionately refers to this Sumatra as "Bog Coffee" because of the smoky peat moss notes. We get it - Bog Coffee doesn't necessarily sound like something you'd want to sip on, but hear us out: it's actually delicious. Rich, heavy, with complex maple syrup sweetness and those tantalizing smokey tobacco notes create a perfect dark roast that is both comforting and exquisite. 

We sourced this coffee from Ibu Mega in Northern Sumatra. She began as a smallholder farmer which gave her years of expertise in coffee growing and quality practice, and gradually moved into role as a collector. She works with her husband who is also a trainer and inspector of coffee farms. Talk about a dynamic duo! We're incredibly pleased and grateful to work with their bold Sumatra and offer it you.