Hario V60 is a simple but elegant brewer for those who want to perfect and have complete control over the brewing process. Less equipment, more technique. What makes Hario unique is the ribs inside that keep the filter from adhering to the dripper wall. Allowing air to float in between the filter and the dripper enables the hot water to flow through more quickly, allowing the brewer to control the amount of time the water in contact with the coffee grounds.

HARIO V60 Brewing Guide

STEP ONE: This will vary with your personal preferences and the type of coffee, but as a starting point, we recommend 20 grams of coffee to 340 grams of water (this is a 1:17 ratio). Heat 400-grams of water; the extra water is for pre-rinsing the filter in step three.

GRIND: Medium, similar to kosher sea salt, 20-grams of coffee beans. 

STEP TWO: Unfold the Hario V2 filter and place it in the Hario Drip.

STEP THREE: Fully saturate the filter with hot water, discarding the water afterward(your plants will love it!).

STEP FOUR: Pour the grounds into the filter, shaking to flatten the coffee bed, allowing a more even pour-over.

STEP FIVE: Starting at the coffee bed center, add just enough water to cover the grounds. You are working your way outward, avoiding pouring hot water on the filter. WAIT 20-30 seconds while the coffee blooms.

The bloom is the process called "degassing." After roasting coffee, it gives off Carbon dioxide for the two weeks following roasting. After the beans are ground, the surface area increases, and the amount of gas being released increases(that's why we recommend grinding right before using). When you add water to the freshly ground coffee, the gas release increases, seen by all the bubbling. If you don't allow the coffee to bloom fully, it can release a sour flavor, and the gas repels water. Water extracts all the lovely coffee aromatics and oils, which only happens after the gas escapes. The rule of thumb here is to add 1 mL/gram of water for every gram of coffee.

STEP SIX: With the remainder of the water, pour the 205-degree water spiraling out from the center and then working your way back to the center. Wait 10-15 seconds and add more water, repeating until the scale reaches 340grams.

STEP SEVEN: Allow all the water to drip through the coffee grounds. From when you started adding water to this point should be 3 minutes.

COFFEE / WATER CONTACT TIME: If it took longer than 3 minutes, consider using a coarser grind and a faster pour to allow the water to move faster. If your brew time was less than 3 minutes, use a finer grind and a slower pour time.


July 05, 2021 — JENNY ULBRICHT

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