Mountain Harvest Freshly Roasted Coffee

Raisin | Bittersweet Chocolate | Tamarind

Medium Roast | Uganda

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Raisin | Bittersweet Chocolate | Tamarind

Uganda | Women Producers | Organic

In the lush, dense patchwork of farming communities on Mount Elgon, on the border of Uganda and Kenya, the producer group Mountain Harvest (for whom this coffee is named) works to share the superb coffees grown in the region. 

The coffee is a treat - you'll love the unique characteristics. On first sip we said "yeah, that's a different coffee." It stands alone, bringing a real sense of place that is distinctive and delightful. It demands to be noticed, thoughtfully appreciated, shared. You'll taste deep and complex layers, ranging from a subtle, raisin-like sweetness, rich bittersweet chocolate and the nuanced flavors of tamarind. 

Mountain Harvest was first established in 2017, and in their relatively short time have made huge strides toward long-term economic and environmental stability. Mountain Harvest is focused on growing the entire community.  They're doing this through farm management training for high specialty standards, a microfinance program and establishing complimentary crops such as beans for cultivation and nitrogen fixation, avocado and macadamia tree seedlings. They've identified amazing quality coffee from women farmers in the region, and have organized their offerings into this organic microlot being sold for the very first time. Sooo it's their first Ugandan offering from women farmers, our first coffee from Uganda, and maybe yours too? Whew, a lot of brilliant first things happening over here and we couldn't be happier about it.