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12 oz. bag of Mlama Farm , a single origin coffee from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Mlama Farm

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Mlama Farm is an East View Coffee favorite. This single-origin bean is bright and cheery in your cup.

Cupping notes: milk chocolate, citrus, juicy

Roast Level: 3/5

    Mlama Farm is one of four farms that make up an estate called African Plantation Kilimanjaro. The estate has been in existence since the 1930s near Mount Kilimanjaro. It's currently 178 acres, on which there are many varieties of coffee grown. Once the coffee is harvested and de-pulped, it is fermented dry for 12 hours and washed once. Then it is dried either in mechanical dryers or sun-dried on raised tables. Drying takes about 9 days, on average.

    • Country: Tanzania
    • Region: Weruweru, Moshi Rural, Kilimanjaro
    • Farm: Mlama Farm
    • Variety: Bourbon, Kent, N39, KP, F6 (Arabica Beans)
    • Proc. Method: Natural
    • Altitude: 1305–1381 masl
    • Harvest Schedule: May–December