Abundance Freshly Roasted Coffee

Dark Chocolate | Molasses | Black Tea | Clove

Medium Roasted | Rwanda

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Dark Chocolate | Molasses | Black Tea | Clove

Rwanda | Women-owned farms

You're a glass-half-full person. 
Or you're a fill-'er-up-it's-nearly-empty person. 
Whether you're a beacon of positivity or not, Abundance is for you because abundance is about having enough to go around. Complex and big flavors carry this coffee and the medium roast is a crowd pleaser. 

The all-women co-op group that grows this coffee is Gwiza, which means Abundance. As with our other coffee from women-owned farms, members of these groups are paid extra premiums to use as their group chooses.

This coffee is grown in Rwanda's Western Province by women farmers who deliver their coffee in cherry form to the Cyato Washing Station. The producers here grow coffee at elevations up to 2,200 meters above sea level.

Fun Fact: The native honeybees that live in and around the Nyungwe forest where the coffee is grown are said to be responsible for the "unique profile" this coffee has. The bee-assisted pollination, fertile ground (black humus and sandy soil), and cool lake-affected (Lake Kivu). The farmers use no synthetic inputs, either as fertilizers or pest control.