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Sunrise Tiger

Sunrise Tiger

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Sunrise Tiger. For those moments when you want to shine and start your day tiger-like. This is a great top o' the morn coffee, full-body, med-dark roasted, and lots of flavors! We love this brewed as a pour-over or a plain ol' drip coffee maker.  

This is a blend, with 60% Colombian and 40% Brazilian.

Columbian coffees are among the most dynamic and recognizable globally due to the many microclimates in this large country. This coffee does not disappoint, with a nice balance of sweetness and fruitiness with a chocolate base.

  • Country: Columbian   
  • Region: Cauca, Huila
  • Farm: Various smallholder farmers
  • Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra (Arabica Beans)
  • Proc. Method: Washed
  • Altitude: 1200–2100 masl                                                                         

The Brazil coffee is (grown at the Serra das Araras Farm) a yellow bourbon variety coffee grown on a farm established in the 1960s. 

  • Country: Brazil    
  • Region: Patrocinio Paulista, São Paulo; São Tomas de Quino, Alta Mogiana
  • Farm: Serra das Araras
  • Variety: Yellow Bourbon (Arabica Beans)
  • Proc. Method: Natural
  • Altitude: 1000 masl