Garmindo -- MEDIUM -- Freshly Roasted Coffee

Grapefruit | Sweet | Rich | Juicy

Medium Roast | Sumatra | Women-Owned Farms | Organic | Fair Trade

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Grapefruit | Sweet | Rich | Juicy

Sumatra | Women-Owned Farms | Organic | Fair Trade

Sumatran coffees are often roasted dark and bold and big, but ever wondered what a lighter touch might do for this origin? We did too. You might be surprised to try this tasty take on a medium roasted Sumatra! It's little bit brighter but with the rich sweetness you know and love. 

Garmindo is women-produced coffee, named for the co-operative (Gayo Arabica Mahkota Indonesia Cooperative) that the women farm owners belong to in Sumatra. 

The women bring their coffee in cherry form to a collection point where it is de-pulped, fermented underwater for 12 hours, and given a pre-dry before undergoing the Wet-Hulling process. The coffee is dried on patios and typically takes 2–3 days under sunny conditions. You'll appreciate the commitment to quality when you taste the excellent coffee they've produced.