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Cold Brew filters, next to a mason jar, next to a 12 oz bag of mlama farm coffee from east view coffee company.

Cold Brew Filters - 8 pack

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Would you like to get started making your own cold brew? An easy way to get started is with our Cold Brew Filter 8-pack!

These 4 by 6 inch filters can fit about one cup of very coarsely ground coffee. They fit well into a quart jar, or you can use any pitcher you have.

We recommend starting with a 1:4 ratio, one cup of grounds, and 4 cups of water. After 12 hours, taste, and let it continue to steep for up to 24 hours, depending on taste. You can make this sitting out or in your refrigerator (add some time if it's steeping in your refrigerator). Cold-brew lasts up to two weeks in your refrigerator.

Currently, our favorite cold brew is from our Mlama Farm single origin!

8 filters are enough to make an entire 12 oz bag of coffee cold-brew style.