Garmindo -- BOLD -- Freshly Roasted Coffee



Garmindo is women-produced coffee, named for the co-operative (Gayo Arabica Mahkota Indonesia Cooperative) that the women farm owners belong to in Sumatra. 

The women bring their coffee in cherry form to a collection point where it is de-pulped, fermented underwater for 12 hours, and given a pre-dry before undergoing the Wet-Hulling process. The coffee is dried on patios and typically takes 2–3 days under sunny conditions.

Garmindo is a BOLD coffee with notes of roasted marshmallows and dark chocolate. Garmindo BOLD is the same coffee as Garmindo, just roasted to a darker level. This coffee is organic, fair trade, and produced by women farm owners. We are excited to share this coffee with you for the second year!