Morning Star Freshly Roasted Coffee

Soft | Stone Fruit | Creamy Orange

Light Roast | Ethiopia

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Soft | Stone Fruit | Creamy Orange | Black Tea

Ethiopia | Woman-owned Farm

We're thrilled to partner with Artisan Imports for this offering, specializing in coffee from women producers.

The Morning Star, that first glimmer of dawn: this coffee pays homage our producer and her name for this coffee - Dehab's Diamond. It's definitely a jewel-like coffee, multi-faceted and gleaming flavors, roasted medium light to keep the bright fruit and softness intact.

Dehab began to help on her husband's coffee farm in 2012 when her children were getting a little older, and she began to manage the farm in 2014. In 2015 she began exporting, and the farm has continued to see growth and recognition, and she has demonstrated an incredible hunger for learning and education. 

This coffee is grown in the buffer and core zones of the Kaffa forest UNESCO biosphere, meaning the soil has high microbial content and the growth of the coffee contributes to the environmental goals and restrictions of this important ancient forest.  

In every home in Ethiopia, the first meal is coffee. Dehab remembers boiling water for her mother. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace for coffee, and the cultural recognition of that ritual spans generations. Rise up, greet the day. The bright Morning Star brings the dawn and it's time to put the kettle on. Join the tradition and make your first meal a good one.