Halo Beriti Freshly Roasted Coffee

Soft | Sweet Apricot | Bergamot

Light Roast | Ethiopia

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Soft | Sweet Apricot | Bergamot


Halo Beriti is a tender and sunshiny break-of-day song you'll be glad to join. If you love Ethiopian coffees, then you know what we mean - you search for a good Ethiopian coffee. Nothing quite compares to the soft, sweet, slightly floral notes of an extraordinary Yirgacheffe. 

Halo Beriti is our love song for you. It's a light-medium roasted coffee, keeping the delightful delicate notes you enjoy while providing a bit of structure and body. 

Halo Beriti comes from heritage coffee plants from 750 tiny farms, all less than 1/2 acre, with most farms being less than 1/3 of an acre. These farms are so small that they don't have coffee processing on-farm and bring the coffee in cherry form to a communal local washing station, the Halo Beriti washing station, and sell it at current market rates. This particular lot is part of a "special preparation" in which hand-sorting was done repeatedly throughout the receiving and drying process, ensuring that only perfect coffees made it into the bags.